the sun.

the sun is a bright spot in our galaxy-
the brightest spot-
the one place that all other
objects inevitably face-
the all important element that the solar system
aligns itself to-
this happens naturally-
no one is turning gears on jupiter-
no one is manning engines on mercury-
no one is housing positioning devices on uranus-
no one is shifting knobs on venus-
but we’re all somehow in tune with this great, shining mass-
this thing of heat and magnitude
that holds us all together-
a radiant mother housing us all in its
earth may be the golden child,
but it has many siblings-
some are close-
some distant-
some large-
some small-
some warmer than others-
but all obey the commands of that essential bright spot-
all live within the pull of its watch-
and all benefit from its meticulous persistence-
such is life-
we all follow the path set before us-
we all have our bright spots in view-
some of us are golden children among frigid, barren brethren-
others are those lifeless rocks, dreaming of distant life-
but in the end, there is always a bright spot in front of us-
maybe even behind us-
it may be so close that it burns its will into us-
or so far away that it seems impossible to reach-
but it is our job to find it-
and like the sun,
allow it to guide us to our place
of true purpose*

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