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Poems from the Vault – The Power of the Storm.

Here’s a random oldie plucked from the Vault; check it out if you wish.  Thanks for reading, be well, and stay creative.


Library Lusting.

Freshness.  In a word, this week’s space conjures up the word ‘freshness’.  Maybe it’s the cool richness of the hardwood floor, or the warm natural light flushing in from the large windows.  Either way, it is fresh, ambitious, creative, and far from ordinary.  Books stacked all the way to a tiled ceiling, accompanied by comfy little bed.  The perfect combination.  If only the words in those books would visit the sleeper each night…what wonderful dreams they’d create.  This is most certainly a book lover’s room.  Let the daydreams commence.


Everything about this little space gives me the snowy smiles (whatever the snowy smiles are, this photo conjures them up).  It’s a quiet corner tucked away gently…we don’t even need to envision the home itself to appreciate the calming peace that this corner exudes.  It’s just enough of the rustic to give it an edge, and just enough comfort to give it warmth.  And you can’t beat the view.  I’d cozy up here with my coffee and drift away easily.  Let the daydreams commence.

Light your fire, grab your coffee (or wine), snag your book…and cozy up to the warmth of this week’s great wintry space.