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Poems – Unsung beauty.

Keep a look out for it.


Poems – Who you are.

Who you really are and who you’ve become (as a result of circumstances) are not one in the same. You may not be the best version of yourself at this very moment, or the version that you’d envisioned; who you are right now doesn’t have to be the version that you’ll always be. Let’s grow. Let’s adapt. Let’s keep moving forward. If you want to change, change. Want it. Believe in it, and then go for it.

Poems – If they can, so can you.

Why is it so easy to convince ourselves that we can’t do something that someone out there is already doing? When it comes to our dreams, we may think to ourselves, “there’s no way I could ever do that”, when others are out there doing it as we speak. Or worse yet, never even try because we convince ourselves that we’ll fail. BUT…if someone else can accomplish that same dream (more than likely, somebody is out there doing and excelling at what you dream of doing), then why can’t you?

Poems – Inside the Box.

We’re always told to think outside the box. Often, that’s a very good thing to do. To get creative. To think differently. To take chances. To remove ourselves from the safety of our comfort zones. Hopefully by doing that (thinking outside the box), we can make thinking differently a normal process (inside the box). Think about it.