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Poems – Timing.

If you’re thinking about a goal, there is no ‘perfect’ time. Why not right now? Just a thought.

Poems – Random.

I’ve been trying to drill my way through a massive slab of writer’s block lately, so here’s a little random word sketching that I scribbled out to get the wheels turning. Thanks for reading.

Poems – Content.

We’re inundated with content these days; social media, emails, games, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, podcasts, and dozens upon dozens of streaming or subscription services. It’s a content overload. Everywhere we look, something or someone is trying to buy our attention. But does it truly fulfill us? Do they satisfy a hunger or a need? Is it quantity? Quality? Could it be that so much of our day is spent consuming content – to perhaps fill a life devoid of real, meaningful, purposeful content? Just a thought.