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Musings at Random – Happiness is a Choice.

Happiness is a choice, and now, more than ever, we should all lean on its shoulders. The world will sometimes break us down, but it’s up to us to rebuild stronger. Brick by brick. Moment by moment, because we can.

What we choose to see, what we choose to believe, and what we choose to project becomes our ethos. We ultimately become what we choose to manifest. Hate life? Watch out – it might hate you back. Hate your job? With that mentality, you’ll never escape the negativity.

And so on it goes, into our relationships, our well being, and our overall mindset. What we choose to think – to believe – directly affects our quality of life. It directly impacts how we live, how we react, who we choose to spend our time with, what we choose to accept and tolerate, and how far we’re willing to go in order to make a change for the better.

You see, happiness is a choice. It’s not a guarantee or a foregone conclusion. And as such, it’s essentially never set in stone; money won’t buy it, good genes won’t cultivate it, and a great job won’t secure it. We do.

And it only happens when we decide to pursue it, embrace it, accept it, live it, project it, and lastly, manifest it.

Poems – The Link.

I put the word ‘weakest’ in quotations to stress importance of the word. We often feel broken down, beaten up, and spit out by the rigors that we go through day to day. Sometimes we’re deconstructed to a point where we feel like we’re holding ourselves together by the thinnest of threads. That’s where real strength comes into play.

So often, what seems like a weak link is really perseverance; it takes a lot to hold it all together, to remain standing in the face of the strong winds that blow our way. I write a lot about positivity and moving forward, because I really believe in the power of that. If you’ve ever felt like a weak link, don’t let it defeat you. Stay strong. Hold that shit together. What can appear as weakness could be seen as strength. It’s all in the perception.