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Poems – If They Can, So Can You.

Why is it so easy to convince ourselves that we can’t do something that someone out there is already doing? When it comes to our dreams, we may think to ourselves, “there’s no way I could ever do that”, when others are out there doing it as we speak. Or worse yet, never even try because we convince ourselves that we’ll fail. BUT…if someone else can accomplish that same dream (more than likely, somebody is out there doing and excelling at what you dream of doing), then why can’t you?

Poems – Content.

We’re inundated with content these days; social media, emails, games, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, podcasts, and dozens upon dozens of streaming or subscription services. It’s a content overload. Everywhere we look, something or someone is trying to buy our attention. But does it truly fulfill us? Do they satisfy a hunger or a need? Is it quantity? Quality? Could it be that so much of our day is spent consuming content – to perhaps fill a life devoid of real, meaningful, purposeful content? Just a thought.

Poems – Where We Are.

‘Who you were’ or ‘where you were’ in life – we think about these things often, but they don’t have the impact that we think they do.

We tend to give more credence to the past than it deserves. What matters is right now – who we are now and where we are right now says more about us than all the yesterdays that we give importance to.