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Poetry – Souls on Paper.

Why do we write? The reasons are different for all of us. Some write from darker places of pain or hurt or sadness, while others dig from sunnier, lighter emotions. Either way, the desire to write is a strong one…a beautifully freeing exercise in self expression. To those that write, continue to put your beautiful souls to paper. Thanks for reading.


Quotes – Write.

Sometimes I ask myself, “why do I write”?  I think the answer is different for everyone.  We all do a great many things in life to satisfy the needs of others, often with a complete disregard for ourselves.  It happens.  We should remember to also shower ourselves with that same attention.  It starts here.  Inside of you.  Whatever creative pursuit that you embark upon, do it for YOU first…don’t do it to suit the needs of someone else.  Don’t tailor it to match someone else’s vision.  Don’t do it for page views and likes.  Do your thing, and give it the attention that it deserves.  Throw all that doubt to the wind.  Stay creative.