Poems – Hope is Real.

Hope is real, even when you don’t feel its warmth. It’s all in the belief that anything is possible. Let’s not give up on ourselves, our goals, and our hope. Be well, and thanks for reading.


Quotes – Don’t Be Afraid.

Read this one slowly…and then read it one more time. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that most of us, like the famous quote, possess an innate drive to be better than we were yesterday. Change is hard, but possible. With that being said, no change or alteration or improvement will happen unless we first grasp fear by the feet and throw it out of the equation. Just get it out of there. Fear is the enemy here. Before any advancement can happen, we should accept that fear must go in order to open a pathway for tomorrow’s clearer skies. Today, let’s think about that. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Poems – Become the Alphabet.

Dreams and goals; two important words that pack a whole lot of meaning. If it’s one connecting factor between us all, it’s that most of us possess some sort of dreams and goals. We all want to do something and be something and accomplish something. Most of us want to, in our thoughts, become the product of those aspirations. We have the power to do just that, and we’ve heard that concept a million times. Thoughts are a good start, and actions will progress those thoughts one step further. Become an alphabet; become whatever word, sentence, phrase, or book that you want to be. Do something today to add a few great lines to your own story. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Poems – Up, Up, and Awake.

Its Friday…most of us have picked ourselves up and out of bed all week, tired or not. It’s hard enough to get the bodies out of bed, so what about our minds? Being up does not necessarily mean that we’re awake. Two very different concepts there. With the weekend rolling in, let’s not forget to keep the mind as stimulated as the body. Keep the thoughts positive and the mindset clear. Be well, and thanks for reading.