Poems – Find Your Words.

Where’s there’s creativity, there’s hope. Self expression is like opening the curtains and letting the light shine in. It teaches you who you are, and oxygenates your thoughts. Go create something…anything. Find your medium…and find yourself.


Poems – Fears

Honest question. Life throws a lot of stuff at us, and places us into situations that make us uncomfortable…situations that are out of our normal, preprogrammed, comfortable ‘safe’ zones. Fears arise; “will I succeed?”, “am I good enough?” The key is to work ON the fears. Not around them. Defeat them…not sidestep them. I’ve been MIA lately and am working on some new material…keep an eye out for it.

Poems – Definition.

We hear all the time that we should not defined by our pasts. And for the most part, there’s truth to that. We shouldn’t let our past struggles, our weary days, our faults, and our mistakes guide us and allow us to create a false narrative about who we are.


On the flip side though, there’s strength. Strength realized and strength earned…from having overcome those past mistakes and struggles and weary days in order to make it to today. This moment. Who we WERE created the strength to become who we ARE. Today. Let that strength define you.