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Poems – Create.

While sipping the coffee this morning and thinking about my list of projects and to do’s, I thought about the importance of seeing my little ideas to fruition.  There was a time in my life when I didn’t realize how content I’d become with just thinking about ideas (and not doing a damn thing about them)…as if those ideas would just magically materialize out of thin air like some Harry Potter fantasy.  There are no magic wands…there’s just work.  Effort.  Consistency.  It’s easy to want to do something…it’s more of a challenge to formulate a plan.  A dream is just a pretty picture trapped in our heads until we take the time to mold them into reality.  Let’s get to work.  

Poetry – The Sky. 

Sometimes you need to just stop what you’re doing, take a few deep breaths, and look up at the sky.  Let its colors cleanse the palette of your mind.  Put down the phone (unless you’re using it to read this post, wink wink), close the laptop, turn off the computer…or the TV…and relax.  Unplug.  It tends to put things into perspective for me…maybe it will for you too.  Best of days to you all, and thank you for reading.

Poems – Once More Unto the Breach.

Today’s positive message; keep on trying.   Are you working on something, but have lost the mojo to continue?  Keep on trying.  Stuck in a rut like quicksand and can’t pull out of it?  Keep on trying.  Wanting to turn around and give up the fight?  C’mon…keep on trying.  Smile.  Take a glance at the poem below if you wish (and have a minute or five); good day/evening to you all, and thanks for dropping by.

Poems – Sketches of Possibility.

Thoughts are fun…writing is, too.  The two go very well together.  On occasion, I like to remind myself to slow down, think, relax, and take in the moments.  Sort of a mindfulness approach, but mostly just my way of remembering to be appreciative.  It’s so easy to complain in this world. Thinking and writing clean the slate and clear the head….and enable us to realize how green our own pastures are.

Peace and happiest of days to all!

Storytime Saturday, featuring an excerpt from A Million Little Boxes – a work story. 

I decided that I’d refuse to let a building define me. I’d refuse to allow any company, or entity, or job, or anything define who I was as a person. As a human. As a man. The contents of that building did not define my success. My success was not in there. It’s in here. It’s within my chest. Within this soul. I am defined by who I am, and what I do…what I believe and what I feel…what I’m capable of…not by the whim of some fucking corporation. Interestingly, it was brought to my attention that I may be afraid to move forward, that I feared success more than I feared failure. The thought of that shit had me up in arms, like “what?” You’ve got to be kidding me, right? “All I want is success”, I’d tell myself.  But you know what?  Maybe I was.  

Poems – Following Daydreams.

If you’ve visited this space before, you by now may be fully aware of the fact that I love to dream.  If you’re new to this space, welcome aboard!  Hey, I’ll admit it…I am a professional dreamer.  I love a good daydream.  Who doesn’t, right?  I have an incredibly vivid imagination, and putting that imagination to work is a fun challenge.  You know what I’ve noticed, though?  Dreams are nothing without action.  They are just (super excellent) thoughts trapped within our brain until we do something about it.  It really all comes down to one thing…how bad do you want said dream?  If it’s worth accomplishing, then it’s worth the effort.  Let’s keep on dreaming…but let’s not don’t forget to do.  Peace and love (and good daydreams) to you all.