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Essential Egon.

Mountain Torrent, 1913.

Essential Egon is a weekly post dedicated to celebrating the work of a fearless artist who was capable of translating the colors of the human soul. Check him out. 



Coffee and snow; two things that pair excellently.  By themselves, they’re great…throw in a kick ass wintry view, and the stock rises exponentially.  This week’s space would be the perfect way to enjoy both of them…and then some.  Large, airy cooking space, a wood fired stove…a lovely little place to eat, and off to the corner, a small comfort nook to sit and reflect (and guzzle that coffee).  Mornings here would most certainly recharge the soul.  Let the daydreams commence

Light your fire, grab your coffee (or wine), snag your book…and cozy up to the warmth of this week’s great wintry space.

Library Lusting.

Some rooms are useful, and some rooms are fun…often, they’re both.  This week’s selection is a perfect marriage of the two, complete with clean lines, high ceilings, ample sunlight, a gang of reading material, and the best part?  A built in netted nook to take in the relaxed vibes and soak up the lazy, laid back ambiance.  Let the daydreams commence.