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Library Lusting.

If you’ve read a Library Lusting post before, and also lust after the quiet solace and beauty that book filled spaces provide, then you’ll know that I am an appreciator of A., books, and B., sunshine.  They just work.  This week’s space provides ample amounts of both, and throws in a sizable work space to boot.  One could not only get their read on, but also their write.  This, friends, is a book lover’s room.  Enjoy! 

Library Lusting.

It’s kind of hard to beat this room.  With its open, airy vibe and abundant sunshine, this space is tops.  Throw in the richness of the wood, the robust desk front and center, and the eyeful of books, and you have the ideal room for a true book lover (or writer).  And the globe?  C’mon…that’s the cherry on top.  This is most definitely a book lover’s room.

Poems from the Vault – Get Shit Done.

By no means do I attempt to rhyme when I write poetry.  Most of my work is a collective of words and sentences, with no regard to traditional poetic structures.  So today’s poem was a fun little exercise in motivation; the motivation to think outside the box and experiment with another way to write, and to just write something that would motivate the hell out of me to get off of my ass!  Enjoy….and if you’re on your ass, get off of it!