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Poems – This Moment.

Yes, this is an oversimplified play on words, but just take a minute to think about it. Everything that’s happened up to this point has led us to this very moment. Simple, but powerful. All the trials, all the struggles, the joys, and the victories have influenced where we are right now.

This moment matters.

Perhaps some setbacks have forced you to quit – well, within this very moment is the opportunity to finally push through. On the flip side, now is the perfect time to express gratitude for merely being alive to appreciate this moment. Do what you can today – every day- to
influence tomorrow in some small way. Pursue a goal. Start a hobby. What we do matters just as much as what we don’t do.

Poems – Fears

Honest question. Life throws a lot of stuff at us, and places us into situations that make us uncomfortable…situations that are out of our normal, preprogrammed, comfortable ‘safe’ zones. Fears arise; “will I succeed?”, “am I good enough?” The key is to work ON the fears. Not around them. Defeat them…not sidestep them. I’ve been MIA lately and am working on some new material…keep an eye out for it.

Quotes – Our Own Lives.

We are sort of bombarded these days by celebrity news…magazines and television shows fill our heads with news of who is dating who, who is doing what, and who is going where. Between celebrity gossip and reality TV, it’s easy to get caught up in the web of someone else’s life, and sometimes that can cause us to look down upon or neglect our own. While it’s fun to check it all out sometimes, let’s remember to keep the focus on doing what we can to live our own lives the best way we know how.

Quotes – Don’t Bury the Hope.

How often have you succumbed to that clinging feeling of defeat? To the heavy weight of hopelessness? Ideas unrealized, goals unmet, and shattered plans can be the shepherds that lead us into that field.


But there’s hope. I beat a dead horse with this topic, because it’s critical that we realize it within ourselves and grow it within others. The moment that you lose hope is the moment that you kill those dreams. Don’t lose hope, and don’t let others trample what you’ve created.