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Poems – The Size of Dreams.

Something to think about. With dreams, there’s always a way to go back to the drawing board, re-evaluate, and reinvent….even if it seems easier said than done. Life is fuller when we dream big.


Poems – Fly High.

We have the days when we’re riding high, and everything is great…and then those days when nothing seems to go right. Either way, I have learned to appreciate the power of every day. Good or bad, every day is another chance to continue the race.

Quotes – Our Own Lives.

We are sort of bombarded these days by celebrity news…magazines and television shows fill our heads with news of who is dating who, who is doing what, and who is going where. Between celebrity gossip and reality TV, it’s easy to get caught up in the web of someone else’s life, and sometimes that can cause us to look down upon or neglect our own. While it’s fun to check it all out sometimes, let’s remember to keep the focus on doing what we can to live our own lives the best way we know how.

Quotes – Don’t Bury the Hope.

How often have you succumbed to that clinging feeling of defeat? To the heavy weight of hopelessness? Ideas unrealized, goals unmet, and shattered plans can be the shepherds that lead us into that field.


But there’s hope. I beat a dead horse with this topic, because it’s critical that we realize it within ourselves and grow it within others. The moment that you lose hope is the moment that you kill those dreams. Don’t lose hope, and don’t let others trample what you’ve created.