Poems – Who You Are.

Who we are today…this version…is the one that we need to be concerned with the most. How can we improve upon today so that tomorrow can be better? Living in the past keeps us trapped in a bubble, preventing us from finding any sort of forward momentum.


Poems – Expectations.

We expect a lot from other people. We sometimes expect others to bring their A game to the table….to be better friends, companions, coworkers, or family members. But are we doing the same? If we’re going to expect these behaviors from other people, we’ve got to first develop them in ourselves.

Poems – Fears

Honest question. Life throws a lot of stuff at us, and places us into situations that make us uncomfortable…situations that are out of our normal, preprogrammed, comfortable ‘safe’ zones. Fears arise; “will I succeed?”, “am I good enough?” The key is to work ON the fears. Not around them. Defeat them…not sidestep them. I’ve been MIA lately and am working on some new material…keep an eye out for it.