i think that we live in a very sterile world. we live in a world where “easy” is the driving force. everything has to be quick, painless, and effortless. we live in a world where email, text messaging, phone calls, social networking (facebook/myspace), and instant messaging have taken the place of old fashioned, face to face interaction. we throw the word “busy” around like grass seed; that excuse can be applied to everything. we’re too busy to make a phone call or cook dinner, but we’re not too busy to watch that episode of our favorite tv show. we’re too busy to do household chores, but we’re never too busy to play an hour or two of our favorite video game. “easy” has altered the importance of our priorities. “easy” has taken the hard out of life; it’s the “hard” that allows us to obviously put forth the effort that brings the best out of us. sure, you could say that we as a society are so spread out now that the new fangled way of communicating is necessary; but in reality, it’s necessary because it’s the most effortless method out there. it’s necessary because it’s the easiest. is easiest always best? absolutely not.



  1. gypsy

    i don’t always want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it sounds to me as if there is some “entity” out there that’s got a “master” plan, and this “plan” sounds devious to me like its purpose is to “divide and conquer.” Of course i’m not referring to The Master Planner because that energy is all about love (and separation doesn’t sound so loving to me). Now everything has a positive and a negative. on the positive side, maybe moving more toward a life of solitude will promote self-knowledge. maybe when we’re alone, we can discover more about who we are, what we enjoy, what makes us happy, etc. because we’d have more time to ponder those ideas. hmmmm, what do you guys think?

  2. gypsy

    maybe things being so “easy” is much less the issue than the world being lulled or lured into a state of complacency. that’s what i mean when i say “a devious plan.” it happens all the time. unfortunately there are those that “run things” who have ulterior motives and we just aren’t listening, and “they” depend on the fact that we’re not paying attention.

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