musical journeys

what does music make you think about when you hear it? does it evoke images? memories? this little piece of music is very deep and hollow (in a good, spacious sort of way); it takes me to a far away place where i’m allowed to ponder and dream. this is the first in a series that i’d like to share concerning music and the thoughts that come to mind. stay tuned!



  1. gypsy

    hey gary, i like this piece of music. it sounds like meditation music which i listen to, but those 2 words i see on the description: “war” and “barbarian” don’t seem to belong. I also love music with a message, like what india.arie sings.

  2. Jazzy Participle

    and see, the elements of the past tense, send a message of the figurative perception of the listeners persona as it relates to the images with which one designates and attempts to juxtapose the meaning to each word broken down to the bare essence of the trek!

    • gypsy

      yeah, yeah, jazzy participle. groovy rap you got going. i feel your flow. (i can see your mouth broken down and your hand gestures.)

      but for real, the piece of music is nice.

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