Grandma Ruth – 1920 – 2010.

the fan whirred behind my head-
and the soft, steady wind quietly
shifted the strings on the blinds-
and they resembled an old grandfather
clock in that easy tick tock motion-
i sit on the bed, facing the window-
thinking of time-
the passage of time-
the news came in the form of a text
message that morning-
my grandmother had died-
such a wonderful, fine woman-
who never shied away from a good
or a laugh,
or a pick me up-
who never missed a hug,
a kiss,
or an opportunity to tell a story
or to say i love you-
thanks for always being there,
a spot in a greater place
awaits you-
they say that when the people that you
care about pass away, a little
piece of you goes with them-
make sure that you’ve given those
you care about the very best
pieces of you*


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