Saturday Night Triple Whammy – quotes, a Carter Burwell track, and more Schiele.

life is a womb- we are not merely birthed from it- that is only the beginning. each new day brings with it the power to choose how tomorrow will appear.

nothing can or should remain in the same state forever. like crops, life must be rotated in order to extract everything that’s up for grabs. things remaining in the same place become as stagnant as a bleak pool- longing to merge with a vibrant stream.

waking up is one of the hardest things you can do, but one of the greatest gifts you can ever receive.

If you consider your life fractured or wounded,
think of yourself as a hunk of cheese or a cup of
yogurt. It is curdled and spoiled, but still somehow
manages to be loved by millions.

Opening Titles by Carter Burwell

Blind Mother – Egon Schiele


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