the cusp of night

We sat there once,
On the cusp of night-
Folds of love rippling
Through the dark stillness-
My heart was swollen with
The thought of you-
My mind wandered
At the sight of you-
And drove me wild with
Youthful tenderness-
We sat and gazed into the
Night sky-
Eager dreams-
As plentiful as the distant
Dreams that melded into
And created an overwhelming
Mix of mystery and wonder-
I glanced at you and saw
The broad sky reflected in
Your eyes-
Twinkling stars-
Deep unknown-
And it was me behind them-
Wading through the quiet
Wanting nothing more than to
Sail the dark sea straight
Through to your soul-
There are moments in life
Where secrets become
And the unknown becomes
We sat there once-
On the cusp of night*

One comment

  1. gypsy11

    this is really very beautiful. i believe that the “we” represents your soul and spirit evidenced by the line referring to glancing into the other’s eyes, “it was me behind them.” At some level we all “know” – though it may be an unconscious “knowing,” that “you” are what you are looking for. when we find ourselves is when the “plentiful, eager dreams” become reality.

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