Sunlight like a watercolor-

That opaque density

Painted delicately on an afternoon


Stillness so quiet that it rings

Out in your ears like a tornado siren

In spring-

Summer skin-

Soaked gingerly in the yellow of

The day-

Sits beautifully nearby-

The outside rays dance

Gracefully over every curve-

Eager shadows cleverly join in-

And warmly envelop each exposed


With a bottomless hunger-

I sit, peacefully-

Wearing nothing on my face

But a thin smile-

And eyes half closed at the

Thought of such precious


Love soaked and laced with the

Aroma of adoration-

Such moments drape over my

Thoughts like a quilt in


And give them solace-

Nothing compares to the

Comfort of resting within

The embrace of your summer



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