I dreamed of standing at the base of
an enormous waterfall, with you by my side-
specks of airy mist wafted lightly on the warm
air and gently brushed our noses-
the smell of crystal water filled our nostrils
and heightened our senses-
And the crashing sound of it filled
our ears like a thunderous april storm-
I awoke from this sweet pleasure at my desk-
the yelp of telephones ringing and
a dizzying array of random chit chat filled my ears-
gone was the bright warmth of the
beaming sun-
gone was the mighty rush of crystal water and the
melodic symphony of soaring gulls-
gone was the whisper of the wind
through the thick, verdant trees-
gone was the clear, cool aroma of deep, hidden
pools and wild flowers-
gone was the smiling beauty that eagerly trekked
by my side-
daydreams can be a trip-
I bask now in the false glow of fluorescent light-
and sit caged in my tiny, anonymous box-
random digits fill weary eyes,
fax machines and copiers hum their
consistent, mechanical tune,
and countless emails keep my mind on
perpetual standby-
I sit quietly, looking busy-
but I’m staring in awe at that gorgeous
inhaling the freshness of that crisp
mountain air-
and feeling vibrant and alive with your hand
grasping mine-
look beyond my eyes and beneath my
workplace facade and you will feel the adventures
currently playing out in my mind
as it drifts beyond the clutches of these
cubicle walls-
daydreams are a trip-
and it’s time to book a ticket*


One comment

  1. gypsy

    Nice daydream in the midst of the daily grind. i rarely daydream, but i probably need to do it more. it stretches the imagination, and could become reality.

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