I searched the desert sands
just to later realize that I was in the
and the pool of water that I sought so
desperately was just within reach,
only I was too parched to
and by that point, too weak to
I lay there on my back-
atop a mossy patch of green, tangled
insects trekking over me as if I were
an abandoned log-
they went about their way-
in search of their own sparkling oases-
the leaves around me rustled with
and the brush was alive with movement-
I lay motionless, staring at the soaring
blue sky-
deep blue, and rich-
with a tint of yellow orange sun-
soaking in the sounds of my temporary
I heard feet brush past me-
I’d closed my eyes to rest, you see-
I followed the hurried sound with my ears
and opened them slowly to see myself
walking toward the pool,
which was only a few paces away-
right in front of me,
the entire time-
I wearily watched this version
stride to the pool and take a drink-
how effortless it truly was-
I questioned how difficult I’d made it
out to be, sipping from that pool-
I turned back to the sky-
and cursed this alternate me-
enraged at the thought of what could
but I was only cursing myself-
I realized then that I wandered the desert
because I never thought that I was
worthy of a drink*


One comment

  1. gypsy

    i, myself, and how many others have believed the same lie all our lives – that we are not worthy. when will we finally see ourselves drinking from the source?

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