He never got the chance to build his own
his castle was built around him-
he didn’t have the time to sail the tranquil
the sea was disgruntled before he could ever
raise his sail-
his path was already paved,
before he took his first step-
each stone was already placed before he planted
his front foot-
he didn’t allow the opportunity to create a
the vines had sprouted before he had a chance
to kneel-
he reached out his hand, and it was met
with a swift breeze-
open, it was-
and cold*



  1. Paula Boaz

    This poem made me think of Prince Harry and his brother. So much is exepected of Diana’s sons. While in her womb there would be future expectations. Even now, there are so many comparisons.

    Other famous people’s children have their work cut out for them. Michael Jordon’s son plays basketball and his dad is truly a tough act to follow. Always love your choice of words. They are so descriptive!!

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