Scattered leaves loosed themselves under
the subtle october wind-
a brittle cascade of vanishing life
descending like watercolor snow-
an autumn torrent ripe with a somber,
vibrant hue-
a farewell to warm currents,
flush with life-
those living breezes, floating on a bed
of lofty dreams-
now, a homecoming of bitter stillness-
sleep trapped memories, encased
in the dim chill of winter-
I watched it come,
and I watched it walk away again-
from the shadows it came,
and into the night it went-
snows have melted under the heat of our
and blossoms will sprout again,
in tune with the
comfort of our smiles,
and the longevity of our voices-
change is intricately woven into every vein of
every leaf-
and they have graciously accepted that fate*


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