Go find happy-
like a child seeks out the first clandestine egg of
go find happy-
like the ‘it’ man in a good game
of hide and seek-
find your place, like the drill
finds the secret, buried well-
find your meaning, like the scientist
discovers the invisible-
find that treasure beneath the sediment
that has been lost so long from the human
find that sunken goliath that has laid
unclaimed at the bottom of the murky
find that spirit within your bones that
seeks nothing more than the quiet of a
blue sky-
find it and reclaim it-
capture it and restore it-
recover it and cultivate it
like an ancient artifact concealed under
centuries of dust and webs,

doubt and sand-
raise it from the secluded depths of
the unknown-
the time has come to make it known-
the time has come to seek out-
to cast out-
to find that mythical place-
go find happy-
go resurrect yourself*


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