The Passing at Highway 10 – part 2

I watched her as she smiled at me and asked me how my night was going; to tell you the truth, I don’t even remember a word she said.  I don’t even think that I knew at the time.  I was just staring into her eyes, big eyes, and wondering what it would be like to kiss her.  I didn’t think she’d ever go for a guy like me, but I could dream, right?  Her dress hugged her body like a towel wrapped tight just out of the shower, and was spotted with the stains and spills of the night.  As she was talking, my eyes took control and began to follow the dips and sways, and hills and valleys of her body.  She had a pair of tits that would make an infant hungry, and she was showing those babies off, too.  She had an ass like two feather pillows, and I laughed to myself as I thought about how nice it would be to take a little nap on them.  I looked up at her face and didn’t realize that she’d stopped talking, and noticed me checking her out like a fucking pervert.  She was still smiling, and I flashed her a red faced, embarrassed half smile.  It was all I could muster.

She said she’d be right back with my drinks, and I watched her stroll away to the bar.  The funny thing was, she looked back at me.  I mean, she looked back at me, and there was just enough sugar in that glance to put a small grin on my face.  I’m no looker, I know that; I’ve got a face like a dead mutt, rotting and sitting in the sun for too long.  But she looked back at me.  My old heart jumped and did overtime right after that, and I had to wipe the sweat off of my trembling palms just so I could light my own damn cigarette.  I kept looking at her at the bar, staring at her really, under the brim of my hat.  What was she thinking with that look?  It seemed like a fucking hour before she got back to my table.  I mean, I just got two lousy drinks, you know?  But she brought me my drinks and sat down in the chair across the table.


  1. Paula

    Love your writing style! You have me fall into the character – the story – my senses are awakened. I am behind his eyes watching the waitress – feeling his self-doubt – feeling his hope that she might desire him. I’m hooked – looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Erin

    Your descriptions are very intense… I can actually see this guy with a “face like a dead mutt, rotting and sitting in the sun for too long” wowzers… And Sally sounds pretty hot. 😉

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