The Passing at Highway 10 – part 3.

She sat down in that chair, and I seemed to be down wind of her perfume.  I got a sweet whiff that almost knocked me out of my seat, and it struck me to let loose a nervous, uneasy smile.  Sally was just sitting there, chewing her gum as if it were a stale chunk of beef jerky, working her jaws so hard that it made mine tired just looking at her.  She’d only been sitting there for a matter of seconds, but to me, it seemed like forever.  “The joint is slow”, she said, so she was just taking a break from a hard day, and getting off of her feet, you know?  She asked me for a cigarette and it took me a second to react, I was so damned nervous.  She noticed it too, and I hurried into my pocket, pulled out my rumpled pack of smokes, and shook one out for her.  Her fingers were lean and sexy as she grabbed for the cigarette and eased it between her red colored lips.  I tried to keep my sweat drenched hand from trembling as I flicked the knob on my lighter.

She drew in a long, tired drag from the cigarette, and rested her pretty head on her shapely hand as she blew out a steady plume of thick, hazy smoke.  The smoke drifted lazily into my direction, and slowly danced about the rim of my drink as I was staring down into it.  When it was done doing its swirly jig, I looked up at her to find her staring right back at me.  It kind of made me feel funny at first; I mean, there I was a at Harvey’s bar on a slow night, the best broad in the joint was perched at my table, and she’s staring right into my whites.  At that point I didn’t know what to say, so to break the silence, I asked her if she wanted me to get her a drink.  She flashed me a quick and sly smirk, and I took it as an easy yes.  She took one last drag from her smoke, that final drag that took it down to the nub, and jerked it into the ashtray.  I told her I’d get her that drink, and she stopped me as I was getting out of my chair to get it.  She told me that she’d grab it, and for me to wait at the table and relax.  I looked at her with cool, sharp, foxes eyes as she said that and eased out of her chair.  I watched with lustful, horny, lonely eyes as she walked back to the bar to fetch her drink.

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