Needs to Make a Comeback – Carl Weathers

If you’ve seen the movie Predator, you’ve seen Carl Weathers.  He was one of the few guys on film that physically held his own with Arnold; in Predator, he played Dillon, the former green beret teammate turned CIA ‘pencil pusher’, a tough guy that fit the role and looked the part.  He was subsequently featured as the mustachioed star of the mozzarella fest 1988 bomb Action Jackson, and seemed to be a burgeoning action star, but since Action Jackson, his career has rolled downhill faster than an errant goat turd.  I hate to say it, but his resume is littered with generically titled schlock like Sheriff Tom vs. The Zombies, The Sasquatch Gang, Assault on Death Mountain, and Alien Siege; this is the same guy that was awesome as Rocky Balboa’s legendary ass kicking rival Apollo Creed.  I’m just saying that it sucks to go from challenging a Predator head on, to playing a sheriff in a movie about a Buddhist Kung-fu cop (Phoo Action).  Carl’s a solid actor, and needs to return to the fold.  Bring that bushy stache back to the mainstream.  At any rate, he could pursue a role as an aging hero in the next installment of the Expendables?  Who knows.  It worked for Dolph Lundgren.  Needless to say, the guy undoubtedly has loads more cash in the bank than me, so I know he’s not complaining.  He can assault Death Mountain all he wants.


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