The universe speaks,
for those with the ears to listen-
the universe speaks-
mountains become goals, rising
toward the sky like ambition,
and heat becomes the fire that stokes
the tinder of change-
the universe speaks, when our eyes open
to the flavors of the world,
when our palates are made aware of
the multitude of variation-
the world itself is big,
and we often need to be reminded of this,
as we tend to live small and restricted and
painted into corners-
that sort of paint will never fully dry,
and sometimes our feet will need to get
wet on our way to seek the nearest door-
most of us don’t live the lives that
we want, but rather live the lives that
we were given-
we don’t pursue the dreams that we were
put here to fulfill, but rather make the most
of what we’re dealt,
which is effective to a degree,
but only to a degree-
doing that, and only, that will rob you
of purpose,
and snatch the soul right from under you-
like the letters that form a sentence,
each has its proper place,
and when we don’t feed them,
our lives and truths and meaning
go hungry-
but the universe speaks,
in signs, whispers, and portents,
some obvious, most vague,
but all equally important-
when we choose to listen,
we will know-
and when we know, we will win*


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