Peace and guidance, she spoke into the warm
stillness of the afternoon,
late sun glistening gently off of the tilted diamond
nestled snugly in yellow and infused with
the very atoms of love,
pleading its notes of longing and hopes and intent-
“peace and guidance” echoed off of the
walls, entombed in the orange glow
of dusk,
the quiet speaking like a choir in my ears-
I didn’t understand, but
I understood-
days, weeks, years…
all wrapped tightly in a gift of understanding,
so much seen by not seeing,
so much unseen….
so much undone,
so much to be done still,
now that eyes are open to the dawn-
each day will start with a foot planted firmly on the plate-
autopilot can be a terrible thing when you’ve fallen
….but peace and guidance upon waking will steer your
course to the horizon-
with no fear in asking the stars boldly for what you desire, for what
you’d fight and die for,
but the courage to accept the will of the universe,
whatever that may be,
accepting it all as is,
for now-
all roads lead to somewhere, and who knows how
they’ll all intersect-
in the end,
faith will take the wheel and the light will lead
the way*


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