Musical Snapshot – James Horner – American Composer

James Horner, American composer, has led a uniquely prolific career scoring music for film for over 30 years.  Attached are varied selections of his work.

Each piece is a lushly interwoven study full of dense sentimentality, laced intoxicatingly with a powerful cinematic emphasis.  Each piece is, in itself, a singular work of audial art.  Horner’s melodies form a solid foundation for action, romance, and adventure elements, and overall, his work stands tall among the most emphatically rich in terms of film scores.  A personal favorite.

Aliens – Bishop’s Countdown –
Aliens – Futile Escape –
Aliens – Resolution and Hyperspace –

Glory – Preparations for Battle –
Glory – Charging Fort Wagner –
Glory – An Epitaph to War –

The Four Feathers – A Coward No Longer –

Legends of the Fall – The Ludlows –
Legends of the Fall – Alfred-Tristan-The Colonel-The Legend –

The Perfect Storm – The Fog’s Just Lifting –
The Perfect Storm – Coming Home from the Sea –

The Missing – The Search Begins –
The Missing – The Long Ride Home –

Braveheart – The Secret Wedding –
Braveheart – Freedom Theme –

48 Hours – Main Titles –


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