I took a long look out of the window this morning
after I’d filled my coffee cup,
out into the clouds and beyond the horizon,
and I watched the leaves tumble over the grass
on the high wind-
the shadow of the towering eaves cast
long, solemn figures on the grass,
and the bare trees stood at attention like lost
soldiers frozen upon the snow-
I wondered, as I sipped-
that we get so caught up in survival that we forget
what it means to live, to subsist-
time passes while our coffee drips,
while our keyboards click, and our phones
ring like switchboards-
conflicts arise
and fall like ancient kingdoms,
yet we still forget the simple truths in what matters
it’s easy to forget to breathe, when all the world
around us seems to sigh
a collective typhoon…
I then sipped my coffee and walked back into
the arms of reality*


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