SaturdayDreaming – Life’s Calling.

We often hear people refer to their calling in life. We hear it all the time. But it makes you wonder; do most people answer their life’s call? That’s a very good question. What is a calling, anyway? Is it the universe speaking to us, urging us to manifest some sort of predetermined destiny that’s been implanted in us since birth? Is it a role or function or purpose that we were meant to play based on economic or social circumstances? Or is it just something that we’ve always wanted to be, a profession or purpose that we’ve always admired or yearned to achieve or accomplish? Is it developed, learned, or are we just born with it? I like to think that it’s a fair combination of all of the above. I like to think we’re all gifted a purpose in life; that certain elements of our lives are somewhat predetermined, that certain aspects are supposed to be fulfilled. They’re meant to be accomplished.  
I enjoy hearing people discuss their life’s calling, because they vary so much, and it’s a pleasure to hear people relate their life’s joys. It’s fun to banter about life’s differing purposes. It’s fun to chat about our own little personal meanings within the whole sphere, and to see someone’s face light up when they discover their own life’s purpose.  
We hear it all the time, people discussing their various callings, and it’s something to take notice about. We all have something within us; a skill, a passion, a drive, a function that far outweighs the others. Maybe you’ve always loved music, or painting, or acting, for example. The pursuit of any one of them is your calling. But the question still begs, how many of us heed that call? 
It’s easy to rot away in a cubicle or warehouse. It’s easy to bury your calling under phone calls and meetings and reports and all of the other numerous responsibilities that life provides. But it is also a responsibility to not only discover, but to cultivate whatever it is you feel that you were ‘born’ to do. No matter what it is. We all have gifts and talents and passions just waiting to be discovered, if they haven’t been uncovered already. Whatever those motivations may be, we need to discover them. Take a class. Network. Do whatever it is that you need to do. We all have a purpose, a reason…a calling. We owe it to ourselves to fulfill it, no matter the cost. The question is, will we choose to answer it?



  1. gypsy11

    And our calling is usually a persistent theme in our lives that, many times, we ignore; a prominent quality that we possess. Rarely do we make the connection and wind up working all our lives on a job we hate.

    • wyco

      Just like that very poignant quote referring to the fact that most of us die with our music still inside us…my hope is that one day, we all wake up to a renewed vigor. I hope that everyone can dig deep to find their own true worth and really work toward living and loving their purpose.

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