A Million Little Boxes – a work story (excerpt).

The trials of being me:
 “Damn, a year’s already gone by.”
“Fuck, I really can’t believe I’ve wasted two whole years at this place.”

“Yo, please kill me if I make the three year mark.”

“Hey man, for real, throw me off a fucking bridge if I make it here four years.”

“Like seriously dude, something’s seriously wrong with me if I make it to five years.”

“Wow, three months from now will be my six year mark.” 

“Well I’ll be damned. Six fucking years.”

So begins the current situation. Keyboard clicks, telephones ringing, clunky fax machines humming their disjointed rhythms, random chatter, overcooked professionalism, clichéd power phrases, false motivation, no incentives, wilted prospects, dried up ambitions, phony smiles, fake promises, and utter loss of concentration await. Deep breaths.



  1. Da Pu

    Aaaaaaamen, amen!!!! I was determined to be unemployed if I let year 4 catch me!! God, in His infinite awesomeness saw fit to carry me on to my next stepping stone 2 1/2 months before I would’ve had to quit in order to maintain my sanity and not have to see another aniversary!!

    • wyco

      Sanity was a rare thing! You know the harsh realities of that journey…and the dread that came with being there even another day. I’m working some of those experiences into a story. Stay tuned.

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