Library Lusting.

There are many great combos in life; french fries and ketchup, Batman and Robin, coffee and my mouth, and (drum roll, please) books and sunshine.  It’s the perfect pairing, and this room is a comfortably complete addition to that grouping.   It tidily intersects natural lighting with a handsomely useful workspace, and then throws in the mother of all reading nooks for good measure.  Who wouldn’t love to nestle in that monstrous window seat with a good glass of something, and just disappear into a few hundred pages (or into the view, which I’m imagining is stellar)?  And a fireplace, too?  C’mon, it doesn’t get any better.  This, my friends, is most certainly a book lover’s room.



    • wyco

      It’s a pretty cozy looking space, right? I think that window seat would be an awesome place to unwind. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the post!

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