Library Lusting.

Peaceful. That word sums this space up succinctly. Soft natural sunlight flooding over the room by way of a massive floor to ceiling window, a sturdy workspace, a comfy chair pulled close to it for some close proximity relaxation, and a beautiful wall of books. Simple perfection; this is without a doubt a book lover's room. Let the daydreams commence.



    • wyco

      I definitely get a retro 70’s vibe…there’s certainly some throwback elements tossed into the space. Some hard lines and old school details. Sharp eye! As always, thank you for dropping by and supporting the page. 🙂

      • A Quiver of Quotes

        A pleasure! Hey, have you read Manguel’s “The Library at Night”? Might be something you’re interested in. His writing is cogent, creative, and well-researched. There are even some library pics (black-and-white and of old spaces, but still, most of them I haven’t seen elsewhere). Anyway, just a thought! 🙂

      • wyco

        I haven’t read that, but it definitely has me intrigued. The subject matter is right up my alley; thanks for the heads up on it…I will most certainly check it out. Now if I only had one of these amazing home libraries to read it in, right?!

      • A Quiver of Quotes

        Oh good! Yes, hah, I wish … I guess we just have to keep exercising the old imagination. ;P (And anyway, with a good book, who cares what’s happening around us, right?)

        Any library related books (or word/language/anything really) you’d recommend I check out?

      • wyco

        That’s right! Great photos, books, and experiences are like a workout for the imagination. It’s fun to dream (and hopefully one day experience all of the dreamy coolness). Let me think about a good book suggestion! I’ve been buried in Game of Thrones for a while now (guilty pleasure). Have you read The Razor’s Edge by Maugham?

      • A Quiver of Quotes

        No worries, that was just a random question! As for Razor’s Edge—no, I haven’t. Wow, has excellent reviews on Goodreads. Went on my to-read list 🙂 Thanks.
        (I might even be able to fit it into my current reading cycle … so it’ll skip the queue—we’ll see!)

      • wyco

        No worries at all! I really hope that you do get a chance to dive into The Razor’s Edge; it’s an incredibly well written little tome about the meaning of life. Maugham was a master. If you can fit that bad boy in, definitely go for it! And let me know what you think.

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