Library Lusting.

This week’s space says a lot, without having to say too much. And in that vein, I won’t say too much about it. A space like this has the visual power to speak for itself, in its clean, unobstructed lines, a sparseness that opens up the room and allows it to breathe in the ample sunlight, and a layout that positively emphasizes the remaining surrounding elements. And not to mention, there’s a beautiful nook dedicated to the owner’s impressive book collection. That’s the cherry on top. Let the daydreams commence.



  1. WoRdaDDict

    Ugh, I love looking at other people’s libraries. I have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest. Currently I have 6 Billy bookcases (IKEA) and they take up a whole wall. I’m getting ready to wallpaper the backing and add doors and lights.

    • wyco

      It’s fun to daydream, isn’t it? It sounds like you have a pretty awesome setup…cheers to you for being an appreciator of books. Thanks for taking the time to check out the post!

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