Poetry – The Starting Line.

It often seems like we’re more concerned with the outcome of things…and as a result, the beginning is neglected. We want the end result so bad, but never quite flesh out how to begin in the first place. Starting a project, goal, or task is arguably more important than finishing it. Why not start today?



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    Beginnings are often chaotic, blundering, which is probably why they’re remembered as being harder (amongst other things) and therefore feel even more off-putting. Also, you can’t start out believing that the first ten beginnings are going to be false and useless and dead-ends.

    Which is why sometimes the best starts are, like you say, spur of the moment inspiration. Don’t think, don’t wait. Start now. Now now now. Any how. Any way. Any where. Just get going. With the faith that eventually you’ll learn to enjoy the journey.

    • wyco

      You are so right. I have fallen victim to the allure of beginning things…only to have them fall by the wayside when that allure diminishes. But beginning is so important! It’s critical. Arguably more important than the finish, in that there is no ending without that first step. They’re often chaotic and blundering, but so rewarding when we can follow through.

      You hit the nail on the head…don’t think, don’t wait. Start now, start today! That work will pay dividends.

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