Poems – Self Belief.

That self belief is a powerful force. Be well, and thanks for reading.



    • wyco

      Thank you, thank you for dropping by to check this one out. Always love your positive feedback. Hope all is well!

  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    I know, and sometimes the belief in self seems like lunacy, like complete and utter lunacy because reality pushes back saying “no one has done that” or “no one, certainly not you, will ever do it”. That’s when it’s most difficult, and that’s when most people back down, some people actually are pushed into a mentally unsafe space, and the few that come out unscarred… Well, no one comes out unscarred I suppose. The question is what you do with the scars.

    • wyco

      Yes! So often, that doubt creeps in and overwhelms. That’s when it’s the hardest and the most vital to keep pushing forward. I love how you put that…no one comes out unscarred, but it’s what we do with the scars. That’s the lesson right there. How do we learn from our trials? Great stuff, my friend. Thanks for your great feedback always!

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