Poems – The Wheel.

Positivity? Negativity? Happiness? Bitterness? Living in the past…or the future? Each one of these themes can dominate our days if we let them. Let the right version lead the way. The choice is ours. Be well, and thanks for reading.



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    Ohh, I like this one, versions, versions, or is each of us a continuous, unified entity? I don’t know, depends how you look at it.

    (Fishes out an aphorism by Kafka)

    “No one can crave what truly harms him. If in the case of some individuals things have that appearance—and perhaps they always do—the explanation is that someone within the person is demanding something useful to himself but very damaging to a second person, who has been brought along partly to give his opinion on the matter. If the man had taken the part of the second person from the outset, and not just when the time came to make a decision, then the first person would have been suppressed, and with it the craving.”

    Franz Kafka. “Aphorisms.”

    • wyco

      There are so many ways to look at this one! I love this quote and the duality that it conjures up. It’s so relatable. I really need to dig more into Kafka…you’re opening up a huge interest here!

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