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Poems – The Forefront.

Think about it. All too often, we suppress those very things that give us the most…our dreams, our goals, talents, passions, hobbies, etc. They get buried under obligation, under fear, and under doubt; but what if we put them at the forefront and gave them room to grow?

Poems – Content.

We’re inundated with content these days; social media, emails, games, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, podcasts, and dozens upon dozens of streaming or subscription services. It’s a content overload. Everywhere we look, something or someone is trying to buy our attention. But does it truly fulfill us? Do they satisfy a hunger or a need? Is it quantity? Quality? Could it be that so much of our day is spent consuming content – to perhaps fill a life devoid of real, meaningful, purposeful content? Just a thought.