8-16-11 + valley of the shadow, a tune by thomas newman

what happened to the boys?
i ask myself from time to time-
cold christmases and warm smiles-
careless love-
spent like pennies into a fountain-
but what was it masking-
each boy bore his own private hell-
each carried a void left unfilled,
like a pack stuffed to the gills with
each item shrouded in the trials of the
day to day-
each one never properly going back to that
never revisiting the source-
never fully acknowledging the grain
of dirt that served as the X to mark
the spot-
each boy dealt with the hours in his
own way-
each drifted slowly,
exponentially from the warmth of the
original love-
if you could see them, you’d see a man,
proud, but wounded-
bleeding a slow dying-
but masking it with words-
crying a slow crying-
and concealing it with smiles-
what happened to the boys?
what sludge slowed their engines-
what rust coated their shine-
there are roots beneath those hollow
they grow still-
shadows shrinking under an ascending
faces fading into the earth like
murky dreams-
they lay dormant-
locked within the compartments
necessary to endure-
locked within the compartments
created by quiet afternoons,
and sleepless nights-
stolen by the man that they stared
at in the mirror-
what happened to the boys?
there is shine under those years of
i wonder if they’ll ever truly see it*

valley of the shadow – thomas newman

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