10-17-10 + a song titled “Execution Ballet”, by Trevor Morris.

take a sip-
see how you feel-
let the grain fill your
dark rooms-
let it single handedly
ignite your stolen dreams-
things have become
allow the spirits to flush
away your faults-
float in its arms-
such a full bodied embrace-
let it carry you gently to
sunnier days-
a small room filled with a
loving photograph-
the light of the summer sun
spreading shadows of windowpane
like an old projector-
the sky outside is a full,
broad blue-
threads of clouds giving way to that
deep, high ocean-
rolling gently,
without a worry-
unconcerned with their destination-
take a seat quietly in the
comfortably worn chair
facing the window and
drift sleepily
into that willing world-
where youth flows-
memories live-
and the breeze caresses your
face like a willing lover-
watch the leaves tumble across
your path as if summer had
never come-
brittle and frail-
they rustle along like running
brisk and erratic-
fall resurrects memories,
old and new-
the crisp serving as a catalyst for
until winter comes and preserves
freezes them all away
take that sip-
create your spring-
allow it to thaw the broken
bits within-
see if it cures-
see if it strengthens-
see if it will erase the shadows
in your dark room*


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