The All Time Dumbest Cinematic Deaths, Pt. 1 – Commando

so it’s a fact that schwarzenegger dominated the silver screen throughout the 80’s and 90’s; his cinematic presence worked well in action (The Terminator), and comedy (Twins), and along with Stallone, he redefined the image of the one man american wrecking ball killing machine. he was a huge dude by any standard; he perfected his physique on the IFBB stage, and that mass made a powerful transition to film. his flicks were not always the best (many of them are incredibly cheese filled), but they delivered the goods like a truck full of golden brew. behold, one of the all time stupidest death scenes is available for your viewing pleasure below; the idea of ripping a friggin’ pipe off the wall, hurling it through the air like a spear, and actually stabbing a guy is bad enough. the worst part is the fact that he actually impales the guy with it- being pinned to the wall with a pipe (and then being told to let off steam) is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever. and i mean ever.


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