in the barest of forms-
broken down into atoms,
molecules, and particles-
stripped of all language,
stripped of all consequence,
stripped of all apprehension and
fear of shortcoming-
the internal kind-
loyal to the body-
loyal to the soul-
loyal to the thoughts that cultivate
loyal to the actions that perpetuate
in its purest form, it provides a
sanctuary unrivaled by any-
in its purest form, it speaks to us
and absolves us of all pretense-
in its purest form, it has the strength
to expose our purest form,
and release all that remained in hiding
during its absence-
break it down into particles, atoms,
and molecules-
strip it of language, consequence,
and apprehension,
and truth still remains-
strip it down and let it build you
back to where you need to be-
take it down to its purest form and let it
mold you-
atom by atom-
molecule by molecule-
it will alter your language-
it will restructure your consequence-
and erase your apprehension-
in its purest form*

One comment

  1. Paula Boaz

    Hi –

    Just wanted you to know that your choice of words – how they flow together – truly inspire and uplift. It’s a shame that more people don’t keep it simply & tell the truth as opposed to dressing up a lie to sound like the truth. It takes so much energy to lie instead of saying the truth. Love the lines -” strip it down and let it build you back to where you need to be… Strip it of language…and truth still remains.” Keep writing cousin!

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