The mirror will tell you that a child once
lived here-
who undoubtedly gazed in the mirror and
saw an adult that looked just like them-
when the two finally met, many years had passed-
some were added to the child’s-
others taken from the adult-
until they met right in the middle-
at the day’s end lies a solitary moment-
a defining collection of hours, minutes,
and seconds-
etched into the pores of our souls,
and whittled deeply and meticulously
into the architecture of our bones-
at the day’s end lies a moment-
spent lying in bed, replaying the
pacing of the day, frame by frame-
pondering the validity of past decisions-
pondering the necessity of future ones-
until the moment comes when past meets
and youth meets age on middle ground-
it is then that you begin to see clearly
who you once were-
who you are now-
and where you’ll be at the day’s end*


  1. diana samuels

    TOdays poem- I can relate to the poem for today. YOu express emotions and feelings in words what poeple feel but cannot express in words. Because I am found, i can relate. Good to have discoverd you. Keep up the good works. Peace- I will also check out your pictures.

  2. Tony Reames

    G, you’ve done it again… it is a special time in life when the three stages of life come to an intersection and are all staring one another in the eye… thanks for sharing!

  3. Paula Boaz

    Wow!So many wonderful lines which hit very close to home. So often I look into the mirror asking myself where is that little girl of a long time ago?

    Your lines.. “when the two finally met…replaying the pacing of the day…frame by frame…” You definitely have a maturity beyond years. You truly know the human soul.

    Great job!

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