A quilt-
When laid flat, displays a lush,
rich pattern-
crafted with patience, determination,
fortitude, and calm-
a life-
when spread wide,
paints a vivid picture-
equally endured with patience, determination,
fortitude, and calm-
piece by piece, another pattern is tended to and
stitched by the creator-
thread by thread, another design is
nurtured and weaved-
another experience,
another memory-
cultivated like a canvas whose interpretation
is left to those curious enough to examine-
some see what others do not-
no eye reads exactly the same-
each patch tells a story-
relays a tale-
individual to the hand that built it-

And when compiled,
each day,
each week,
each year,
is artfully collected into a collage of
a monument of
only then does it begin to make sense-
and only then is it able to provide warmth*


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