Would the scorched flower consider the
sun beautiful-
would the flooded town long for the
whispering lullaby of the rain-
would the decimated forest marvel at the
calm of a roaring fire-
would the leveled populace gaze peacefully
into the surging of the ocean waves-
there is a story that can be read from back
to front-
how bad to you choose to know it-
what are you willing to overlook-
is the tiger still beautiful when you know what it’s
capable of-
how bad do you choose to know it-
and how bad do you want to see?*



  1. gypsy11

    The forces of nature can be beautiful/helpful but also harmful/destructive. Everything has a positive and a negative, and negatives often are the catalysts to positives. Great poem.

  2. Paula Boaz

    Your choice of words paint such wonderful exquisite pictres! In relationships sometimes people only want the good – not willing to accept some of the “issues” that a lover brings. Is this why so many are quick to call lt quits without trying harder?

    Let us all try harder to truly embrace the total people in our lives –

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