Poems – Self Care.

We are so much more effective in life when we bring the best versions of ourselves to the table. Think about it. Taking care of ourselves, spiritually, mentally, and physically, ensures that we can better care for others. Smiling people help others find their own smile. Be well, and thanks for reading.



    • wyco

      That is so true. We’ve got to present our best selves if we want positive results in life. And it starts with us. We have the power to influence which self takes on the day. The positive or the negative. The choice is ours.

    • wyco

      Therein lies a great question; one that, like you said, is so often confused. It’s a fine line to walk, but I think that selfishness, in the sense of taking care of one self, is a beautiful thing. It’s a societal perception that taking care of yourself is a flawed way of thinking, but to use the old analogy, airline stewards instruct you put the oxygen mask on yourself first in the event of an emergency. Only then can you adequately help others. It’s a fine line, indeed, the one between selflessness and selfishness. Thanks for your feedback!

      • A Quiver of Quotes

        The oxygen mask example is excellent. Another way to look at it might be that of a mind and body: the mind first needs to show that it is able to care for its own body (i.e. is qualified in basic care) before it can “move onto the next level” and care for someone else’s. (Of course, that doesn’t quite work because the mind needs to take care of the mind etc.)

      • wyco

        So true about the mind/body…one must be able to function adequately before it can advance…it’s an often overlooked and very misunderstood theme. But it’s so important! Thanks so much for your feedback.

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