I stared at you in the stillness
of that moment-
oh, how still it was-
a mountain lake, untouched
by consequence-
like a leaf at dawn,
meditating before the world
how many still moments were
rife with tension-
or flush with love-
how many moments were spent
wading through the silence of
unspoken sentiments-
you as my muse-
dictating the code of my life-
drafting the blueprint of my days-
the architect of those quiet hours
spent whispering through gestures-
conversing through movements-
communicating with a stillness
resonating louder than fresh
spring rain-
all by looking into your eyes-
how simple-
how sweet-
without complication-
oh, how still it was*


One comment

  1. Paula Boaz

    Wow! So beautiful, tender, and poignant. The tenderness in the words you choose take my breath away. “Like a leaf at dawn…meditating before the world wakes….flush with love…louder than fresh spring rain.”

    Great job!!

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