should have won an oscar – adolph caesar as sergeant waters

in the vein of magnificent but severely under-recognized pictures that emerge from the bowels of hollywood, here’s another iconic performance that was more than worthy of the industry’s top honor. a soldier’s story was based on a pulitzer prize winning play by charles fuller, about the investigation into the death of a black sergeant in WWII era south. the film’s antagonist was seargeant waters, splendidly played by the late adolph caesar; he was in fact nominated for a best supporting actor oscar in 1985 for the role, but lost out to haing s. ngor (the killing fields). at any rate, his hauntingly conflicted role of the gruff, abrasive seargeant waters is indeed one for the record books.


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  1. gypsy

    A man of many talents (you), poet, writer, artiste, movie critic, research technician, sports team organizer – no reason you shouldn’t be very wealthy!

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