9-8-11 + goodbye, by eddie vedder

he picked the spot of his final resting
a quiet little piece of earth next to a
lazy, bubbling river-
a green, calm area surrounded by
dark trees and rich growth-
the kind of place where you can
stick a chair and sit and stare and
think for hours and hours-
this lively place, full of character
and grace-
would serve as the last place that he
would be remembered-
the very end of his journey-
take me to the place where i can
see, he said-
where there are no more clouds to blur my
no more partitions to block my path-
where there are just enough
droplets left to quench my thirst-
this linear world
will swallow you whole,
he thought-
look beyond, into the depth
of the low, smoky clouds-
look beyond, into the craggy
zig zags of the distant hillsides,
he reminded himself-
look beyond the stillness of
our single dimension-
and create an expanse wide
enough for your thoughts
to stretch free-
let the rain streak your face
like wild tears-
let the thunder tremble your core
into a state of calm-
and let the lightning illuminate the way to
different fields-
those wandering times are
a wayward sea-
he smiled to himself at the thought of
with us adrift on its swift
is there an end beyond the
we all watch it day and night,
like fascinated children,
a giant sun bursting eagerly
over the starting line-
and falling back wearily beneath
it’s a secretive moon that casts its
shadowy glaze before descending
quietly below the surface-
those wandering times were
a wayward sea,
with us adrift on its swift currents-
he relaxed, content, and
smiled to himself as he closed his
eyes to rest*


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